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“A free people ought to be armed...”
~ Adapted from a quote by George Washington

The national debate over gun violence (and gun control) is both heated and polarizing. We believe that a free people should indeed be armed - but guns are not the only tools of empowerment and protection in our human arsenal. What else, other than weapons, can you be armed with in a beautiful, yet dangerous and increasingly volatile world?  

With The Gun Show, the 779 Art Collective seeks to "disarm" the fiery rhetoric surrounding the gun control debate (in one small corner of the world) by providing a safe place in which to encourage fresh conversation, new thinking, and thoughtful action. In pursuit of this goal, The Gun Show will feature original video and still-image responses to the phrase,  "A free people ought to be armed with ______."

The Gun Show will take place outdoors, in a public park on the 800 block of Commonwealth Avenue in Boston, MA, May 4 - 5, 2013. All chosen works will be projected onto the side of a building, available for all to see.  



Who Are We?

The 779 Art Collective is a group of arts professionals from diverse backgrounds who are committed to using art as a tool for inspiring community conversations about gun violence and gun control.  While we are based at Boston University, we hope to stimulate thoughtful dialogue about gun violence and gun control throughout the City of Boston and beyond.  

The Goals of The Gun Show are to:

  • Encourage artists to think creatively about how they would, using still and/or moving  images, complete and respond to the phrase "A free people ought to be armed with _____."
  • Visually explore the effects of firearms on our society (real firearms, toy guns, etc.)
  • Bring awareness to the subject of gun violence through an artistic lens

Inspire healthy conversations and thoughtful introspection amongst the viewing public about gun violence and the gun control debate

All are welcome at The Gun Show!

Interested in submitting a piece?  Answer our Call to Artists.

Want to join the conversation?  Join us in May or talk to us through our Facebook page.  

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